Art Drums – Creation from Destruction

-Post History-
General Project Information – DONE
Original Objects – TO BE ADDED
Sketched Modeling Plans – DONE
Rendered Individual Models – DONE
Rendered Final Mock-Up – DONE
Final Creation – DONE
Introduction to Piece – DONE
Performance Piece – To Be Added

General Project Information

My idea for this project is fairly simple in nature, though fairly interesting as well. The art I have collected will be attached together as a set of drums and will be beaten upon as such. However, the tools to hit them will be perpetually coated in varying amounts of paint, splattering the substance on whatever crosses their path. This both desecrates the mass-produced art, as well as creates something new on top of them. The object as a whole also becomes a piece in its own right. Both the whole and the individual items become new pieces each time they are used, the randomness of the splaying paint strands adding an unknown factor as to how they will spread.

Sketched Modeling Plans

Rendered Individual Models

Rendered Final Mock-up

Final Creation

Introduction to Final Piece


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