Doomed for Abandonment

Introduction – DONE
Initial Sketches – DONE
Initial Renders – DONE
Finalized Renders – DONE
Sounds – DONE
Finalized Animation –DONE
Final Product –DONE


My idea is to project a group of flies buzzing around an acoustic guitar.

Recently, I looked off to the side of my room to find my guitar sitting in the corner. Completely forgetting that I even owned a guitar made me attempt to think back to when I had first stopped playing – Something that I can’t seem to remember, no matter how hard I try. Despite not playing the instrument, I always made the odd choice to take it with me. It was almost more of an instinct than an actual concious decision.

This, of course, made me curious as to how many others had guitars, but for one reason or another had just stopped playing. Upon looking it up, I found an article from near the end of 2015 on, claiming that “ninety percent of people trying to learn guitar quit in the first year.” I subconciously must have realized that many people had given up the hobby, but it never set in just how many did so.

That’s where my idea kicks in. Flies are normally associated with the dead – though in this case the forgotten and left behind. This illudes and brings attention to the fate that many instruments face: total abandonment.

Initial Sketches

Initial / Finalized Individual Renders

Initial / Finalized Group Renders


 Finalized Animation

 Final Product

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