When You’re Gone

My idea for this project was the act of something called ‘self-demonization’. Demonization, relatively simply speaking, is the act of making somebody or something seem inherently bad or evil.  Demonizing somebody isn’t a difficult task, in fact, it’s quite easy if in the right mindset, but that’s what makes it such an awful force to be reconned with. Sometimes it’s easier to do rather than the correct thing – moving on from a difficult situation and accepting the outcome. This can widely vary in severity, from being told by a parent to take out the trash while you’re obviously sick, to failing an important test and getting a call about your beloved family pet passing away before you got home. Whatever the situation, there is always a chance that either side could demonize the other. However, you can always talk to the other party later on and correct mistakes and assumptions that were formed.

One of the more difficult aspects comes when self-demonization enters the playing field. Self-demonization is basically the same thing as normal demonization, except it is directed inwardly at the person in question instead of outward towards another. The reasoning for it arrises just as it does for its predecessor, except it’s for something the person deems they did wrong on their own. The issue that occurs in many people is just how easy it is to blame something on yourself instead of analyzing the whole situation. These people end up stockpiling things upon things on themselves, then someday collapse under the weight and have no idea how to stand back up again. Forgiveness is much harder to give to yourself if you aren’t able to see why you would be pardoned in the first place. That’s, unfortunately, the awfully harsh reality we’re given.

This project deals with the issues I’ve faced throughout past few months after my ex-girlfriend left me to pursue other interests. I pushed to know why and was finally told it was because of me and what I had done wrong. I couldn’t, and I wouldn’t take into consideration if there had been any issues she brought to the table, regardless of any input from friends and family. Only being able to demonize myself lead to borderline nightmares, something I’m not too fond of remembering. My goal for this project is to recreate the average scene I would find myself in when I would close my eyes at night.


Scene 1

Shot 1
-Steady transitioning lights
-Various, soft colors
-Various, soft shapes
-Steady heartbeat


Shot 2
-Steady becomes erratic
-Lights become faster
-Colors become bolder and lighter
-Shapes spin and fly around

Shot 3
-Heartbeat suddenly stops
-Screen goes black

Scene 2

Shot 1
-Form starts to appear
-White. soft outline of a woman
-Very slow heartbeat

Shot 2
-White slowly bleeds in
-Happy features on woman’s face in simple black lines
-Steady Heartbeat, nearly ‘fluttering’ in places


Shot 3
-Image suddenly turns red
-Erratic, frightened heartbeat
-Happy features turn angry
-Everything in sharp, bold lines
-Noise/static over everything


Shot 4
-Form cuts in and out
-Droning, awful noise
-Heartbeat too fast, seemingly about to give out

Scene 3

Shot 1
-Suddenly, form is gone
-Heartbeat dies down, fading back to normal

Shot 2
-Screen starts brightening
-Nearly deafening, high pitched sound

Shot 3
-Eyes open to see a bare ceiling
-Head turns, revealing an empty side of the bed
-Soft, sad heartbeat
-Head turns back to staring at ceiling
-Screen fades to black





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