Drawn to Life (Abandoned)

Unfortunately, this project has been retired before it truly began.

I remember watching a video about five years ago about water towers falling – except they had faces drawn on that would react to what was going on around them. A couple years later, when a networking platform called ‘Vine’ was released, these came back on a few channels in seven-second increments. I want to do something in the same realm as these videos, though I want to take it a little bit further.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 4.39.46 AM

Instead of drawing a face on an object to make it come to life, I would instead like to draw simplified objects in places that vary from normal to odd – Such as a figure in a chair, a suitcase on a shelf, and a racecar on a wall.

waiting stickmenBriefcaseRacing Car on Wall



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