Home is Where the Heart Lies – Drew Stauft & Max Sahni

Introduction: DONE
Storyboards: IN PROGRESS
Texture Render Tests: IN PROGRESS
Animation Render Tests: IN PROGRESS
Sound Tests: IN PROGRESS
Character Renders: IN PROGRESS
Animation Renders: COMING SOON
Final Animation: COMING SOON


‘Home’ exists as one of the most familiar words in the English language with little need for interpretation. ‘Home’ is seen as something comforting and cozy, or even a place of vivid motion, even if we don’t always see it that way. Think about it, just by getting ready for the day you have already interacted with more than a couple materials. Whether it be getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, or eating a bowl of cereal, you’ve already interacted with numerous materials. These actions are so engraved in our minds they seem almost secondary, often eluding to the question: What if we were these materials?

What if we were the bedsheets, razor, or refrigerator? Would our every day interactions suddenly become more violent when personified and symbolized? Is life itself a series of sinister undertones from that which we are used to?


A test shot of the bathroom scene
Testing possible poses for the mirror
Initial idea and explanation of the piston bed


Short and to-the-point storyboard – will expand upon in time

Texture Render Tests

Normal Test
Initial Idea for normal hallway
Hell Test
Initial Idea for switched hallway
Different idea for hallway, this time with no switch
Hell Bed Test
Idea for bed with human skin texture

Animation Render Tests

Test for the now-defunct(?) switching hallway action
Nearly finished bed (this time with a leather based skin texture) with a single animated piston constantly piercing through it

Sound Tests


Character Renders

Grey Model 3

Grey Block 2

Grey Model 1

Grey Model 2

Grey Model 3Haunted Renders

Haunted Renders 5

Haunted Renders 3

Scary Bone Boi

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