New Media Robotics – Project Ideas!

Your Inner Self

My first idea revolves around creating a spider-like robot that crawls around and takes pictures of people. A built in sound sensor would detect which way the input was coming from and scuttle its way up to the target, then snap a picture. Facial recognition would be a must have, and I’ve done a bit of poking around for add-ons related to the subject. I would have to play tinker around with things to make them just right, but I’m fairly confident I could get the facial recognition down.

After the picture is snapped, the picture is then searched for key facial features, which are then highlighted and glitched out beyond belief. The picture then shows on the screen while it stares directly into the subjects eyes, forcing itself to be known.20180828_094515


A circumvention of the love for glassy-eyed stuffed animals, the Froginator is a burned frog with an exoskeleton partially exposed. Masked as a joke based on the famous Terminator movie franchise, it represents the death of childhood innocence, where we can no longer see things as we used to see them.20180828_094522

Lovebot 3000

The Lovebot 3000 directly correlates itself with the human psyche. When ignored, we tend to waste away and cave in on ourselves. Are we not good enough? Are we really that bad of a mistake from God that we deserve to be cast out?

In a showcase of simple representation, the Lovebot starts off with its ‘head’ and ‘neck’ (screen and joints respectively) pointed downward at the ground, a simple frown displayed. When given attention (talked to) its head slowly picks back up. Once completely straight, the frown turns into a smile and it starts freely moving forward.

As humans, we take a while to come out of our own heads, hence the slow process of the robot finally getting itself to move again. If we acted like this toward everyone we saw (giving kind words of encouragement) how would the world change?20180828_094533

Body Positivity Mirror

Possibly my favorite idea of them all (Tied with Lovebot of course) is the Body Positivity Mirror. It consists of a simple large screen with a camera affixed to the top. The sign below reads “What body type are you? Stand still!” When the camera recognizes that a new object has been still in front of it for a set period of time, it takes a picture and displays it on the screen. The worlds “Analyzing…” display over the new picture as a loading bar slowly fills up the screen as the results are determined. In the end, the words “You are perfect” display themselves on the screen. The camera then takes a picture of the person as they read the results, displaying that on the screen as a final reminder.20180828_094540(0)

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