Love Bot 3000

Original Idea

My original idea (09/13/2018 – and the one that I’ve stuck to up to now) was to create a robot that shows the switch in emotion that we experience as humans. This is through a rather simple, yet effective, system of turning from happy to sad and running toward what makes it happy.

Draft Sketch


Rough Draft To-Scale Model

In its entirety, the bot will be roughly 8.5in x 8.7in x 6.95in. I want the design of the robot to be reminiscent of somewhat nostalgic handheld game consoles, such as the Gameboy and Neo Geo Pocket.


Textured To-Scale Model

As I worked more on the model, I decided that I wanted the bot to be covered in a light baby blue, almost plush-like fabric. This is to relate back to the issue I believe the bot itself covers – how humans relate with others. This is often coming out of us even as young children, which the blue color represents.


Test Animations

“Wake up”


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