I’m an Art and Technology Undergraduate student at The Ohio State University. I have been drawing almost all my life – down to some of my first memories. Having the spark recently flare up once again, I have decided to make a master collection of my latest creations; A portfolio of my work, if you will.

In my junior year of high school something stirred inside of me, flaring up this storm of passion toward writing. Since then I have been writing almost every single day. I worked my way up to a high level in a fairly short amount of time, and I get better each and every day.

I also starred in a subgroup of a FIRST Robotics team in high school: The Animation Team. I worked on 3D Animation with them for four years, taking one year off to work with the web design team.

If you’re interested in contacting me:

Call me at 513-965-1122

Email me at drewstauftofficial@gmail.com

Tweet me at twitter.com/thunderfrogoffi

or Facebook me at facebook.com/thethunderfrog

Can’t wait to hear from you!