Inspirational Artists

Jim Davis – Garfield Yuji Uekawa – Sonic the HedgehogHiromu Akakawa – Fullmetal AlchemistPFFR – Xavier: Renegade AngelSnuffBomb – Uboa … More

Stand Out

My idea for this project revolves around the creation of a glitched time-lapse video. While glitching out said video, multiple … More

Drawn to Life (Abandoned)

Unfortunately, this project has been retired before it truly began. I remember watching a video about five years ago about … More

When You’re Gone

My idea for this project was the act of something called ‘self-demonization’. Demonization, relatively simply speaking, is the act of … More

Chosen – Issue #1

Page Sketches Title Page Sketches Finished Pages Finished Book and Print in Art Show